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The perfect mix of software and services

Media production processes can be complex - but they don't have to be. Our combination of software and services gives you full transparency, faster time-to-market and higher quality at lower cost.


Those involved in the project can easily edit, correct, forward and approve texts - and the translation and correction processes are monitored at all levels with clear status reporting. This transparency minimises the complexity of a localisation project.


All changes are logged and accessible via an editing history with rollback option. In this way, employees from the head office, the branches and the service providers can communicate with each other via a single tool. To the point: We standardise communication channels and avoid transmission errors.


Flexible but lean processes and standardised interfaces allow us to implement projects particularly quickly and bring them to a successful conclusion. There are no regional boundaries - uniform access to a browser-independent platform guarantees international availability. Thanks to the intuitive interface users can start working right away.

Cost reduction

Long and excess release loops are now a thing of the past. Not only are waiting times shortened, but the low requirements for workplace equipment and the connection of translation memory systems also make daily work easier for everyone involved.

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In less than 45 minutes we will help you understand what the LGS can do for you, no strings attached. We look forward to getting to know you.

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