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Erfolgstory BEGA

About the client

For more than seven decades, BEGA has been developing and producing high-quality luminaires for almost all areas of architecture. During this time, products have been created whose idea and trademark have become the generic term for innumerable luminaires in the entire industry.

BEGA produces at 4 different locations in Germany, Belgium and the USA. In 9 sales offices worldwide, customers can reach competent contact persons for all questions on the subject of lighting design and project planning. The BEGA sales offices and their teams can be reached quickly and locally beyond the company locations.

Initial situation

In the past, the internationalisation process for marketing documents at BEGA was characterised by a complex, mostly conventional communication process between those involved in the process at the head office in Menden, the country branches and the translation service provider. The proofreading of the target languages was carried out in a two-stage workflow. In the first step, the translation was checked in the country offices using an Excel spreadsheet and agreed with the translation service provider. Then the target languages were revised in InDesign and checked in a second correction process in the layout on a PDF basis.


The whole process was time-consuming. In addition, there was the problem that proofreading on the basis of tables and, in the second step, in the layout, repeatedly led to discussions about the quality of the translation. In addition, the employees in the country offices had to proofread a text twice within one process. This represented an enormous effort for the staff.


With the LGS, the entire internationalisation process has been brought onto one platform for everyone involved. The translators only proofread once and coordinate this with the translation service provider in the system. This halved the production time, relieved the employees and the final translation was generated in TMX format by the translation service provider and prepared for import into the CAT tool.


In the future, it is planned to create the German master document in the development phase at the headquarters in Menden via the LGS. Here, the LGS supports the possibility of processing layout changes with its MasterUpdate function. These are inherited in the system and can be traced back to the original layout. The same applies to changes in text content.

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